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Me and Me

Posted on: May 2, 2016

Me and the second me, or maybe it will be more correct to say – Me and Me, cause it’s not easy to clarify which one is the first and which one is the second. Dispute between them sometimes seems enjoyable, you see how rises the new TRUE idea among two or more opinions. But I think that there is not any TRUTH, cause TRUTH only can be objective idea, filtered from any subjectivity. And as human is human and not a machine, to my mind you can’t get the objective ideas from it. TRUTH must be acceptable to all, Please think, do you know any that kind of idea? No matter that there are some issues, about what we all have same opinion I don’t know this kind of idea.
In the avalanche of thoughts we hardly clear what is right and what is wrong, but it’s easier. It becomes harder when two me, as other persons think different about the same objects or same stories. You may say that it’s about taste, and you might be right. But anyway I think that human nature tries to find something bad in the expectancy of the better.
As two person disputes about some occasion, same happens in our brains. One me never gives a way to another me, both tries to bring its own idea in the frontline, no one wins and the compromise is achieve. But before, there is long way to pass. I tried to imagine that way and tried to show you in my works.

How I made my handmade paint box.

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Me & Me


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